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Who is Katie?

Hello, I am Catherine (or Katie), and welcome to my personal portal! I was born in Odessa, Ukraine; spent my childhood in Moscow, Russia; and as a teenager, I was running around Brooklyn, NY (USA). Here is a little version of me and aren’t I cute? =)

I lived in the United States for over 20 years (came in 1992) and traveled the world quite a bit. My interests include science, religion, and psychology. 

Since I was raised in a Communist country, I had a chance to compare this regime to what the United States has to offer. Here are my thoughts on that:

Motto: “We work together to help you become a better individual”.Motto: “I work on myself, so I can help my country and the rest of the world to get better”.

From the table above, you will probably notice that I am not talking about the USA as a capitalistic empire, but as a platform for individual growth and prosperity. The way I see it, the USA was built on the principles of Individualism and this is what the Constitution of the United States is all about.

I love my country, but I also love and respect the United States for letting us be ourselves. From what I have seen in my world travels is that people around the globe have much fewer rights and sometimes a lot less comfort. Yes, America is not perfect (yet), and we all work really hard for a living, but it does offer the opportunity to be a CREATOR of your own reality!

By nature, I am a researcher and this is how I ended up reading a bunch of religious scriptures with commentaries to them. To make a long story short, religions actually make sense to me and that is because if you look at the whole picture, all the missing parts start falling into place.

You cannot just take one religion out of context and say that it is the accurate one. They are all accurate! Only they highlight a certain aspect of God and His Creation. Just like having a head and torso as our body, does not make it complete! You still need arms, legs, and many more things to make it work…

Thank you for listening and below are some of my projects as my way of contributing to the spiritual well-being of individuals. =)

Project #1 (Spiritual Community). Our individual life experience is unlike anyone else’s, and sharing it can give clues to those who seek enlightenment…